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I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.

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I was in the city wearing my Abaya, on the escalator, and behind me was an old man. half way down the escalator, the old man lightly tapped me, so i turned around and he says ‘Be careful not to get your dress caught at the bottom of this escalator’ - :3 HOW ADORABLE!!! MASHALLAH i thanked him and got off safely :) <3


this is why i love old people!


Its always Funny at muslim weddings when the women take their hijabs off and are having fun..Then out of no where the groom decides to pop in unannounced with his homies ,and all the women duck for cover ..trying to cover themselves with whatever they can find..lmao! I have learned the hard way ..jusstt keep your hijab on . LOL

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